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"I have learned to think on my feet, organize my thoughts and be less fearful"


High School Senior

What People Are Saying...

"I've found Jamie Smith to be knowledgeable, professional, and enormously helpful in developing and implementing presentation skills. Her wealth of information, personal warmth, and feedback skills make examining and enhancing one's natural optimal style of communicating and storytelling fun and productive."
—Keith Witt, PhD, psychotherapist, lecturer, and author of The Attuned Family and The Gift of Shame.

"Jamie, you did a wonderful job working with a diverse group of 10 managers at SBIR and though I have had previous presentation training, I learned a lot from you."
—Ron Buckley, Senior Project Manager

"Jamie’s perceptions and confidence in me helped me move forward in my speaking career. Her insight has been invaluable to me in honing my message, understanding my audience and making an inspiring impression."
—Jane Armour B.H.S.I. Author, Inspirational Trainer and Teacher

"Jamie has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Her coaching has given me the ability to relate to my audience and give speeches that are clear and to the point. I’m not just more confident now, I'm even having fun."
—Patricia Selbert, Author

"Jamie walked me through the steps of preparation, coached me on the delivery and helped me relax. I had fun delivering my successful presentation."
—Catherine R. Steinke, President, Human Resource Services
Executive Search~Management Recruiting

"Jamie’s insight, focus and support helped me clarify and successfully reach my goals."
—Marléne Roberts, MA, MFT

Praise from "Speak and Lead" Teens Program Participants

"Jamie I am writing to tell you what a wonderful experience it was for all thirty students in the Virtual Enterprise class at San Marcos High to have your training and benefit of your experience. You helped a lot of students develop skills training they would not have otherwise received in the educational system. Thanks again."
—John Delaney, Instructor, Virtual Enterprise/Computer Occupations ROP

"Before I took this program, I NEVER raised my hand in class. Now I raise my hand and talk in my classes."
—Frankie – High School Sophomore

"I came to this program wanting to become more confidant, organized and precise when I speak – and I did. Thanks Jamie"
—Danny - High School Junior

"The three best things about this program are; learning how to completely convey my ideas, learning how to give helpful, feedback, and learning how to hear feedback without getting hurt or mad. I am glad that these things can be learned."
—Brenda - High School Senior

"I know I was accepted into the design program because you taught me how to shake hands, look people in the eye and be confident!"
—Joseph – High School Senior

"This program has taught my daughters so much and they loved it. Confidence and that they can do it! They have both learned the foundation and skills to navigate collage life."
—Yvonne mother of High School Senior Girls

"Your program has helped my son to be much more expressive and confident when speaking – Thank you." —Mona – mother of a High School Junior son

"I have learned to think on my feet, organize my thoughts and be less fearful"
—Lindsay – High School Senior

"I have learned how to pace myself, speak clearly and make my talk effective and worthwhile."
—Lauren – High School Senior