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mastering your fear of public speaking

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Patricia Selbert


Mastering Fear

What opportunities would open up for you if you overcame your fear and improved your presentation skills?

You may be smart and have phenomenal ideas, but if fears and anxieties adversely affect your ability to communicate, you will not be able to inform, or influence others. Don’t let fear prevent you from being as successful as you desire or from making the difference you want to make.

If you’d rather be in the casket than give the eulogy then you are not unusual. In fact, studies show that most people would like to avoid public speaking. To lead, achieve anything meaningful in life, or attain any degree of success, we will often need to speak to groups, large and small. The truth about public speaking is that it doesn’t have to be a fearful ordeal.  You can learn techniques and skills that will help you overcome your fears and make the impression you want to make.  It can even be something you look forward to. I have helped many people master their fear and become effective, confident speakers.

It may be a lifelong fear or current apprehension toward a specific situation. Either way, it can severely limit your personal or organizational goals including career advancement, company outreach efforts, and visibility for your organization. Let me help you develop your content and present like a pro.

The physiological reactions we experience like trembling, heart palpitations, sweating, shallow breathing and many more uncomfortable symptoms, come from our thinking – our inner dialogue – and helps perpetuate a cycle of insecurity. Learning to understand and accept your fear will help you consciously change your inner dialogue. I will teach you relaxation and visualization techniques that will help you master your thinking, change your emotional and physical responses, and help you relax.

Mastering Fear Workshop results:

  • Overcome speech anxiety
  • Understand and control physiological, psychological, and emotional responses
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Calm your nerves and gain confidence as a speaker
  • Think what you mean – mean what you say
  • Learn exercises for breathing, relaxation, and improved focus
  • Set specific and reachable goals
  • “Ground” yourself to gain strength and authority
  • Become comfortable and dynamic in your body language
  • Think on your feet – say what you mean
  • Come across as a polished presentation professional
  • Trust your instincts and maximizing your natural talents
  • Engage audience with eye contact
  • Use silence and pauses to look and sound confident
  • Create value for your audience

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