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Ron Buckley

Senior Project Manager

Coaching and Workshops

Is there a presentation or speaking opportunity in your future?

Increase your possibilities for success by improving your presentation skills.

Increase your confidence and ability to connect and interact with your audience. Change the way you are perceived. Gain new insights and new confidence.

Private coaching and workshops will help you:

  • Analyze your audience – define and meet their needs
  • Connect with your audience on an emotional level
  • Get your audience to know, feel & do what you want them to
  • Learn and leverage your natural speaking talents
  • Manage your fear – calm your nerves
  • Use body language, voice and eye contact powerfully
  • Simplify complex concepts with memorable analogies and stories
  • Learn which words to avoid and to include to create the desired impression
  • Create powerful closings for lasting impact
  • Self-evaluate for continued results
  • And much – much more

See yourself through the eyes of your audience. Through positive feedback participants are happy to learn they have many attributes that are pleasing and effective. They will also learn the skills needed for desired results.

Workshops are small – no more than 8 – and intensively interactive. Participants receive a DVD of their presentations, coaching and a workbook. We work hard, have fun, and the results are worth it – its transforming.

Call me to discuss how we can best help you get the results you want.

Contact me & we’ll decide which venue suits you. Send email to click here to send email