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"The three best things about this program are; learning how to convey my ideas, how to give helpful feedback and... more


High School Senior

Speak and Lead

Teen Speaking Program

I am dedicated to helping teens find their voice to enable them to articulate thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This program gives teens communication skills necessary for living a successful life.

Speaking and listening skills are essential for a successful, productive and happy life. They are the necessary foundation for obtaining a good education and critical when interviewing for jobs and negotiating a career and living productively in our democracy. Many teens have no formal educational or consistent source for learning and practicing the thinking and actions that lead to being a skilled, confident presenter.

Speak and Lead provides a safe environment to explore, practice and learn these vital skills. The program is highly energetic, interactive and fun.

The Results

  • Leadership skills – through personal accountability – every time you Speak you are Leading
  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Self-reliance – through self-evaluation and accomplishment
  • Awareness of personal strengths
  • Analytical thinking – process thoughts and ideas
  • Critical thinking – knowing the end goal before speaking
  • Appreciation of other view points
  • Giving & receiving supportive feedback
  • Understanding personal influence with others
  • Measurable results, visible changes
Proficiency in emotional management, conflict resolution, communication and interpersonal skills is essential for children to develop inner self-security and become able to effectively deal with the pressures and obstacles that will inevitably arise in their lives. Moreover, increasing evidence is illuminating that emotional balance and cognitive performance are indeed linked.” 

The Institute of Heartmath

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