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Catherine R. Steinke

President, Human Resource Services
Executive Search-Management Recruiting

Developing Your Team

Improve the possibilities of success for your organization or team.

Are there individuals in your organization or on your team, who need to build their confidence to become more effective in their presentations, speak up for themselves or negotiate successfully? My programs, and coaching are designed to decrease fear and increase confidence. In workshops everyone will have the experience of being coached, and each person will learn from the experience of others.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN COACHING AND WORKSHOPS: Any individual or team who needs to develop skill in influencing others, over come speakers anxieties and create inspiring presentations.

Before workshops, clients are asked to answer an online questionnaire and a pre-session interview is required to understand the goals, experience, needs and objectives of clients.

After a complete needs analysis, my workshops and coaching will be customized to individual or company requirements.

Possible workshop training topics:

  • Decrease fear and increase positive results from presentations
  • Learn customer service that brings them back
  • Create relationships and the sales happen
  • Run effective meetings that end on time
  • Engage your audience while using PowerPoint
  • Understand leverage personal strengths
  • Analyze your audience and meet their needs
  • Uncomplicate your message and move your audience
  • Gain support for your ideas
  • Create memorable analogies and stories to convey your message
  • Emphasize the elements that will convince your audience

Let me help you and your organization communicate more effectively

These topics are designed to assist people who wish to gain proficiency in communicating their ideas and persuading audiences to take action. I teach techniques to implement immediately that will increase confidence and success.

My four hour Workshops are small – no more than 8 – delivered in 2 hour sections over two days or up to a week, to allow for review of personal performance and time for self-evaluation and positive change.

The objective of my Presentation Skills Workshops and Coaching is to increase the speaker’s level of comfort, confidence, and clarity by decreasing their level of anxiety.  When the anxiety level is lessened techniques and skill can be learned to produce desired results.

Overcome your anxieties, find your voice and improve your ability to influence others.

  • Hourly sessions in person or by phone
  • On site workshops for organizations, corporate clients and private clients
Call and schedule a 15 minute free consultation to evaluate your needs: 928-237-5637