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presentation skills workshop

"Jamie’s insight, focus and support helped me clarify and successfully reach my goals."

Marléne Roberts


Presentation Skills Workshop

Do you want a genuine experience of discovery and growth?

Participants prepare short talks on simple topics, using successful template for organizing their content, receive and give feedback from peers and instructor, see themselves on tape, learn from watching others, and strengthen their confidence and skill for public speaking.

Basic Presentation Skills Workshop results:

  • Learn “Rule of Three”-organize material and save preparation time
  • Change negative self talk and overcome stage fright
  • Become congruent with message
  • Understand and meet audience needs
  • Improve stage presence, voice, and body language
  • Develop speech structure and flow
  • Improve self confidence
  • Connect with your audience – eye contact, voice and body language
  • Engage and interact with audience
  • Create personal style and standards for presentation
  • Understand personal strengths and define specific qualities to learn
  • Be heard in the way you intend
  • Think with the end goal in mind
  • Use visuals effectively

Results depend upon chosen topics.

Call me. Let’s talk about how we can improve your communication and leadership skills, by helping you become a more confident and effective presenter.

Overcome your anxieties, find your voice and improve your presentation skills.
  • Hourly sessions in person or by phone
  • On site workshops for organizations, corporate clients and private clients

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